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Dec 07, 2009 at 03:54 AM

[image: banks of the river Dordogne, at the foot of the ancient fortified city of Domme]

This website is dedicated with gratitude to:

Kaisu Mentu, 1919 - 1993 -- Finnish healer and psychic whose extraordinary clairvoyance into ancient Egypt rivaled that of Edgar Cayce. While her past-life recollections were not preserved in a written record, they contained detailed knowledge of the generations, rituals and objectives of Egyptian theology.


Lempi Ikävalko, 1901 - 1994 -- Finnish author, poet and journalist, who was part of the lineage of the ancient wisdom, the language of the bards that is lost to the modern world, but of which the Kalevala (among other traditions) speaks. Lempi Ikävalko published two books of poetry and a posthumous third volume, including autobiographical information and essays on psychology and nature, is in the works.  The Kalevala is today the province of mythology and visionary experience.

Vilu mulle virttä virkkoi, sae saatteli runoja.
Virttä toista tuulet toivat, meren aaltoset ajoivat.
Linnut liitteli sanoja, puien latvat lausehia.
-- Kalevala, Runo I 33-35

["Cold recited me these poems, rains accompanied these verses.
Other hymns the winds came bearing, drove the whitecaps of the oceans.
Birds came to join my words together, treetops shaped these phrases."
-- translated from the Finnish by Ilkka Ikävalko]


Truth is a deep water,
whose volume the human mind
cannot parse by gazing.
-- from The Forgotten Heart, Lempi Ikävalko, 1939 



 [image: the Dordogne River, below the village of Domme, France. Photo by the author.]

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